What To Do When Your CRM Sales Data Is Bad

Frank Donny

Just ignore it and ask your sales reps and supporting team members to do additional work in Excel to make the numbers right.  Read that sentence again and then think to yourself if that sounds crazy.  Well, it’s what many companies chose to do.

Data Can't Assess Itself. At Least Not Yet.

Frank Donny

We’ve become obsessed with marketing and sales data.  A couple of years ago we called it big data. We now call it predictive data and that word is even getting old.  So, we have come up with new words like machine learning and even AI is coming into play. This all sounds cool and it really is.  I love technology, but technology can’t replace experience. At least not yet.

Sales Growth and Sustainment: Where’s Waldo?

Jim Hughes

The objective of each Where's Waldo? book is simple enough: comb through the crowds of people to find Waldo.  The objective of most corporations is to constantly out-perform revenue targets. Both completing a Waldo book and consistently out-performing revenue are many times exercises in patience and frustration, even for the most experienced professional.