Three Most Impactful Sales Data Investments For 2019

The sales technology sector experienced unprecedented growth in 2018. More organizations than ever before leveraged technology to provide demand generation and sales teams with the content, data, and tools they need to engage buyers at every stage of the sales cycle.

As a testament to that growth, most medium and large sales organizations now have dedicated sales enablement teams, or have plans in the works to create one soon. Clearly, sales organizations have come to appreciate the value of data and, more importantly, leveraging their sales data to improve performance.

These sales enablement teams are being tasked with translating the ocean of data created by their technology platform to create actionable plans that can be successfully implemented. 

Based on our 2018 Revenue Performance and Predictability Study of over 140 companies we see three major investment trends emerging in 2019:

•Smart Targeting

•Revenue Predictability

•Data Trust