The 4Rights focus on improving opportunity management and forecast accuracy by improving sales process adoption and reducing dependence on spreadsheets to manage performance. Let your sales team spend more time closing business, instead of crunching numbers.


The best CRM system and analytics tools can’t compensate for poor data accuracy. Everyone wants data that will help them make better, more informed business decisions. You have made the CRM and analytics reporting investments, but your company is still having difficulty getting your sales team to consistently follow your sales process and your forecast accuracy is paying the price.


The 4Rights solution is a sales process optimization engagement that leverages your existing sales process to drive rigor and discipline in how your team uses your CRM system to manage their opportunities. 4Rights leverages the Revenue Analyzer solution to scorecard opportunity management and target key behaviors, that when corrected, significantly improve data quality.


QSS works with your sales operations, field sales and sales management teams to gather insights around your existing sales process aligned to opportunity reporting and tracking objectives.


A 4Rights engagement begins with the analysis of your existing sales process and opportunity management performance. Leveraging this core insight, QSS creates a road map and step-by-step action plan to develop and implement sales process enhancements, sales team training, reporting, process adoption and sustainment.


Your data quality is dependent on the adoption of your sales process in your CRM system. If you have poor sales process adoption, inaccurate performance reporting and find that you are doing more reporting in Excel than in your CRM system, it’s time to consider the 4Rights solution.



  • Improve your CRM data quality and increase your win rates.

  • Drive your forecast accuracy and enhance revenue predictability.

  • Your sales team will have more time to sell, be focused on higher quality opportunities and improve their win rates.