Account Ignition identifies those current prospects and customers that can deliver near-term revenue. Our proven methodology creates the personas of your optimal customer to identify which opportunities to pursue. We then create a mini-campaign to prioritize those opportunities from your existing CRM data that can deliver optimal near-term revenue.


Meeting revenue goals in a reliable and predictable way is job one.  With the Account Ignition methodology we will work directly with your sales management and sales operations team to establish a consistent process for landing ‘must win’ enterprise accounts, as well as achieving optimal share-of-wallet from a list of identified existing customers.


Account Ignition is a method that focuses sales efforts on a targeted number of new enterprise prospects, as well as identifying existing customers for upsell and cross-sell opportunities.


QSS works with your marketing, sales, sales operations, and customer success teams on go-to-market messaging, value engineering and sales execution.  Sales management prioritizes prospect and customer targets for Account Ignition.


The Account Ignition program helps you identify and execute on opportunities that are stuck.  QSS  pinpoints opportunities by leveraging an approach we call Pareto Principle Squared.  Start with 125 ‘must win’ opportunities; apply your optimal persona to identify 25 (20%); and then strategically pick the top 5 (20%) opportunities that have the highest impact.  We document use cases and reasons for wins and losses throughout the process.


Every company must have a systematic and successful approach to landing ‘must win’ accounts and upselling and cross-selling existing customers.  Apply the Account Ignition playbook when opportunities are stuck or when you are not getting enough predictable revenue from existing customers.



  • Account Ignition provides a proven methodology to identify those opportunities that can be closed faster. 

  • It delivers a documented approach that can be leveraged and scaled across your sales organization based on sales success.