Nothing But Net! Are You A High Revenue Performer?

In our continuing series on revenue performance, we outline attributes of high performing sales teams and how to continue high performance.

Some characteristics of a high performing sales team:

  • Systematically achieves 110%+ of revenue target per quarter
  • Closes 72% of opportunities forecasted
  • Reliably forecasts sales due to 90%+ CRM and sales process adoption
  • 75% of your account executives meet or exceed quota
  • Clear opportunity visibility: number of deals, anticipated revenue, market segmentation, geographic distribution, etc.
  • Recent wins are leveraged to drive tomorrow’s opportunities
  • Sales performance includes account profitability or return-on-investment
  • Frictionless collaboration between marketing, sales, operations and management

Do these characteristics describe you?

QSS Revenue Performance Matrix 


If you are in the High Performer Quadrant, congratulations. Our research of hundreds of B2B companies, corroborated by findings of a leading research organization, shows that less than 10% of companies meet the profile of High Performer. Build on what you are doing today and never stop pressing, as the competition and the marketplace never stop evolving.

In working with a large number of B2B companies we have found that remaining a high performer requires a continued focus on the fundamentals, with rigor and discipline.

Here are three of our favorite fundamentals:

  1. Revenue Targets: Clearly define achievable revenue goals – as well as the roles and responsibilities to achieve them. These need to be driven down throughout the sales team.

  2. KPIs and Metrics: These track and trace not only overall progress but also validate next incremental steps and necessary pivots.

  3. Lead-to-cash visibility: The sales team and supporting cast need processes and supporting systems infrastructure that provide visibility to the entire lead-to-cash transaction flow. These should be optimized for 90% or more of the transaction activity. Do not optimize for the 2% case, or you will over-complicate and bog down efficiency for the rest of your pipeline.

Where are you in the QSS Revenue Performance Matrix? Please look for our other blog posts that identify appropriate strategies to move up and to the right on the QSS Revenue Performance Matrix.