Sales Growth and Sustainment: Where’s Waldo?

The objective of each Where's Waldo? book is simple enough: comb through the crowds of people to find Waldo. The objective of most corporations is to constantly out-perform revenue targets. Both completing a Waldo book and consistently out-performing revenue are many times exercises in patience and frustration, even for the most experienced professional.

Clarity of vision for the entire lead-to-cash sales journey is a key predictor of business success. Easy to say, challenging to deliver. After analyzing hundreds of enterprise B-to-B companies, along with their sales metrics and KPIs, we created a simple matrix for any company to self-select where they stand in relationship to similar sized companies, industries and go-to-market strategies.

First, determine where you see your company in relation to two primary axes:

  • Revenue Achievement: do you make your sales numbers?
  • Revenue Predictability: confidence that today’s success will be sustained

Next, which performance quadrant – high, erratic, under or unproven – best describes the confidence you have in meeting your revenue targets going forward. If you have a multitude of products or solutions you can easily find your company occupying multiple quadrants.

If you find yourself in the upper right quadrant take a bow. However, if you are like the rest of us pick a quadrant.

Just like any classic ‘step program,’ the first critical step is to define ‘you are here.’ It’s a lot like looking for Waldo. Once you have taken this critical step, the journey to move up and to the right can begin.

This is the first in a series on applying the appropriate strategy to move up and to the right on the QSS Revenue Performance Matrix.