The QSS Lead-to-Cash solution provides a seamless buyer engagement process from lead origination to opportunity fulfillment. The QSS lead-to-cash methodology incorporates three primary pillars: understanding your buyers’ journey; mapping that journey to your existing sales process; and ensuring that process is adopted and leveraged by your teams.


Ensure your marketing and sales teams have a defined set of interactions with your buyers throughout the lifecycle of their engagement – from lead to opportunity to sales fulfillment. Adopting a consistent process throughout the sales journey will lead to predictable and reliable marketing and sales team attainment of goals; as well as enhance the experience of your prospects journey to becoming a customer. 


A QSS lead-to-cash engagement begins by documenting the ideal buyer’s purchasing journey.  The solution created includes research and mapping of your buyer’s journey; alignment of this journey to the defined stages in your sales process; steps your sellers need to validate; and detailed definitions of activities by sales stage. The process is then implemented in your existing CRM instance.


QSS works with sales leaders, managers, sales operations, marketing and customer service teams to identify the existing customer journey. Additionally, QSS will identify inter-dependencies across teams as they support the complete lead-to-cash process.


The first step in a lead-to-cash engagement is understanding the buyer’s journey.  Upon completion of mapping the journey, QSS follows a proven methodology to build your process.  It is developed using your past process performance, buyer journey requirements, your existing CRM instance, and company culture. The engagement includes training, metrics and reports to provide visibility as to the adoption across the entire process. 


Use the lead-to-cash process when your revenue generation process is inconsistent, resulting in erratic or under performing revenue achievement.  Use it when your sales teams are not following the defined sales mode; marketing is not creating sufficient lead quality; or the data accuracy of your forecasting is suspect.



  • Adds structure and accountability to your marketing and sales activities.

  • Faster on-boarding of new staff.

  • improved lead quality.

  • Tighter integration of marketing and sales initiatives.

  • Better overall buyer experience.

  • Enhanced revenue predictability.