It’s about analysis, not analytics.  Most companies are already drowning in too much data.  Translating data into truly workable plans that deliver revenue is a challenge. Revenue Analyzer is both a tool and a service. 

The tool is a proprietary correlation engine that uses 27 leading and lagging indicators built into custom algorithms based on the QSS correlation methodology.  The service is the analysis we deliver based on the correlation output.

It’s the best way to assess your performance and align recommendations that deliver near-term improvements in revenue performance, predictability and insights – quickly.



How Revenue Analyzer Works



What is the Revenue Analyzer deliverable?

The core Revenue Analyzer deliverable is an advisory document and review session that includes:

• Detailed correlation analysis of your as-is state

• Explanation of each correlation and how they relate to performance

• A scorecard of your existing sales process and CRM data quality

• Customized recommendations you can take to improve revenue performance

• Costs and ROI modeling to allow you to prioritize actions


Don’t get blinded by data

Align analytics to insights and actions to drive improved sales performance.  Focus your sales operations efforts to provide consistent insights and actions in 4 key areas:

Strategy: align the organization to meet near and long-term bookings and revenue goals

Structure: analyze existing processes to ensure they align across the organization

Enablers: provide revenue and performance insights to warn of threats to achieving desired targets

Management: drive enterprise collaboration aligned to sales performance and profitability


Acting On The Insights

Revenue Analyzer is just the beginning.  Insights without action does not lead to success. Based on your Revenue Analyzer results, we work with you to quickly build, launch, scale and measure your performance improvement initiatives.


How an engagement works: