Fast track your path to results with quick-fix solutions from Quick Start Strategies’ Salesforce.com success experts. With a proven approach, certified experts, and innovative best practices, Quick Start Strategies is here to help no matter where you are in your Salesforce.com journey.  Based on your needs, we will have solutions that deliver.



By helping sales people focus on what matters in you Salesforce.com system, you will improve your CRM data quality, improve your win rates, increase your forecast accuracy and provide the trust you need in your data to drive enhanced revenue predictability.  Your sales team will have more time to sell, be focused on higher quality opportunities and improve their win rates.  They will make more money, faster.

The key to high adoption and data quality.


When you work with QSS, we follow an engagement model that ensures successful adoption of your sales process.

Assess:  QSS applies the Revenue Analyzer service to your existing CRM data and analytics solution to evaluate the performance of your sales process and overall lead-to-closed/won workflow. 

Enable:  QSS will create and implement a performance plan that may include all or some of the following - updating your sales process, minor configuration of your CRM system, and training on the QSS adoption methodology.

Refine/Adopt:  Managers will be armed with performance reports and trained to coach to performance.  This stage also includes ongoing support documentation that will reinforce the benefits of using the system.


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