Smart Targeting leverages the “science of sales” by using your existing CRM data to identify optimal customers based on a consistent analysis framework.  Simply put, Smart Targeting provides you with the ideal customer profile -  and which companies are an ideal fit for your offering.


To develop a clear understanding of the personas, use cases, business issues, and potential business impact your product or solution provides to prospective customers.  Smart Targeting provides critical insight into the ideal customer profile for go-to-market messaging, campaign strategies, and successful sales results.


Smart Targeting links the relationship between key users, functional teams, use cases, business issues, and business impact to identify your ideal customer profile.


QSS engages with your subject matter experts in marketing, sales, customer success, and management to create a Smart Targeting hypothesis.  That hypothesis is then tested against existing or prospective customers, and other outside sources.  


QSS starts by analyzing your core CRM data to define the profiles and personas.  We then augment these findings with customer and prospect interviews to complete the Smart Targeting framework that will optimize your marketing and sales efforts.


Smart Targeting is the foundation for any sales or marketing effort. It ensures your pursuit of the right leads and opportunities by aligning your client-facing team with a consistent framework and definition of your optimal customer.



  • Smart Targeting improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales efforts by aligning marketing, sales and management to your optimal client or customer. 

  • It increases the volume and velocity of quality opportunities by aligning to your optimal customer profile.