Value Engineering helps a buyer overcome financial objections and resistance by quantifying the value of your solution compared to the status quo or your competition.  You close more business and your customers implement your solutions where they drive the most value.


Value Engineering helps quantify and justify a purchase for a key prospect of yours.  During this process you gain greater exposure and visibility with your prospect.  It differentiates you from your competitors, aligns the buyer and seller journey, and increases the probability of a win.  


Value Engineering applies a structured approach to identify use cases and calculates the economic value of a product or solution for your prospect.


A Value Engineering project engages your prospect’s program sponsor and key stakeholders to help define and quantify the benefits they will receive by deploying your solution.  Together with your sales team, QSS develops and delivers the Value Engineering findings to your prospect.


A prospect workshop is held virtually to define the project scope, use cases, participants, and deliverables.  Interviews with key stakeholders explore the existing “as is” state, and the desired ”to be” state.  This includes quantifiable metrics and KPIs to measure the impact and value of your solution.  The final deliverable is a value guide that includes a use case analysis and a value model to support the justification, adoption, and utilization of your solution.   


A Value Engineering project is recommended when “value” becomes a differentiator in your sales process. A standard Value Engineering project can be delivered in as little as four weeks.



  • Your prospect receives an independent, third-party analysis of the value derived by deploying your solution. 

  • A Value Engineering project rallies key stakeholders to move forward with a solution.

  • Value Engineering positions you to understand your prospect’s needs. 

  • It differentiates your sales engagement approach and optimizes your probability of winning. 

  • Completed Value Engineering projects can also be leveraged to pursue other key opportunities.