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We provide a proven platform delivered to hundreds of companies over the past 10 years that highlights how the right revenue intelligence aligned to your unique sales process delivers sustainable revenue performance.  

Most companies have an ocean of data and a desert of insights. At QSS, we deliver an AI-enabled platform that applies revenue intelligence to every opportunity in your pipeline. This enables you to make better, more informed decisions to optimize both near-term revenue performance, and long-term revenue sustainability. Our modern approach focuses on the three critical areas of revenue decision making:
Quick Start Strategies
Quality of Pipeline
Quick Start Strategies
Quality of Platform
Quick Start Strategies
Quality of Execution

Our Core Solutions

Quicker insights. Quicker outcomes. Quicker value.

Quality of Pipeline

Step one to improving revenue decision intelligence is delivered by applying our AI-enabled REVENUE-analyzer application to uncover the true quality of your existing sales pipeline. REVENUE-analyzer  assesses all opportunities you have won or lost over the past 4-to-8 quarters to determine which market segments, solution attributes, performance metrics, and behavioral metrics drive your sales success. It can be fine-tuned to account for key marketing and sales initiatives that are part of your go-to-market strategy. Additionally, based on more than 10 years of data accumulated across hundreds of companies, REVENUE-analyzer quickly identifies any suspect, bad, or missing data across your pipeline. The output from REVENUE-analyzer establishes your unique optimal opportunity profile (OOP) that we overlay on your existing pipeline to identify those specific process improvements required to ensure sustainable revenue performance.

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Quality of Platform

The next step is to ensure your CRM platform is the only source of truth, not the ethereal ‘single source of truth.’ This Quality of Platform step is achieved by implementing REVENUE-analyzer (available on the AppExchange) into your existing Salesforce.com instance to pinpoint by sales stages those opportunities that are, and are not, aligned to your unique OOP. REVENUE-analyzer  includes a suite of dashboards and reports that provide real-time insights and early warning signals into the:
- health of your business
- health of your sales process, and
- health of your team.  

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Quality of Execution

The final step is to leverage the diagnostics provided by REVENUE-analyzer against each opportunity in your sales pipeline. This step identifies misalignment to your established OOP, and those proactive steps that can be taken to drive revenue performance, predictability, and insights. QSS works with your sales teams to identify those corrective actions that will optimize sales success. This includes delivery of the tools and hands-on training required to deliver consistent and sustainable opportunity execution. 

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Our Software


REVENUE-analyzer is a Salesforce.com AppExchange application that, at its core, is a set of machine learning algorithms that interpret your historical CRM performance data to establish the opportunity attributes and metrics which have the highest impact on your sales success. Your unique optimal opportunity profile (OOP) is calibrated to account for key sales, marketing, and corporate initiatives. Pre-configured reports and dashboards quickly provide unique insights into:

Health of Business: waterfall coverage to meet your revenue objectives.     
Health of Process: visibility into your entire lead-to-Closed/won sales process.
Health of Team: performance of individuals and teams in meeting revenue objectives.

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A Methodology for Lasting Revenue Improvements.

The Quick Start Strategy engage, empower and tranfer methodology provides comprensive recommendations, equips your team with real-time opportunity insights right in your CRM platform and integrates deal execution services that transfer the 'how to' to your sales team via learn by doing.

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Challenges uncovered. Solutions Validated.
Aligned to your key revenue objectives, we immediately assess your sales pipeline by leveraging REVENUE-analyzer. We establish your unique OOP to highlight existing performance gaps and create an actionable list of best practice recommendations.

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Technology deployed. Best practices instilled.
Leveraging REVENUE-analyzer, we work with your sales execution teams on all opportunities in your existing pipeline that are not aligned to your defined OOP. This includes documented best practices that will drive sales execution improvements.

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Process gelling. Revenue excelling.
To ensure sustainability we deploy a suite of best practices and real-deal coaching to deliver immediate impact to your sales performance and productivity. This includes analysis of each opportunity in your pipeline and hands-on training to drive alignment to your OOP to drive sales results.

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The experience,
the tools and the
commitment to help you quickly improve revenue.

Founded in 2014, we are a firm comprised of experienced sales and marketing leaders.

Every recommendation we make is grounded in deep, relevant data we have modeled over the past 10 years across 200+ companies and 1400+ self-assessment surveys. We continuously gather anonymized survey and CRM system results to strengthen our benchmark database.

QSS is rooted in the science of selling. We use facts to validate our recommendations and provide tenured consultants to implement solutions aligned to your unique requirements. What makes QSS unique is that we ‘tag’ individual opportunities in your pipeline, and then measure the sales results. Our focus is in delivering near-term revenue performance, longer-term revenue predictability, and insights into those key attributes and metrics that optimize your sales success across your entire lead-to-Closed/won lifecycle.


Great information you can put to good use.

Technology Rightsizing

A private equity backed $23M eCommerce platform provider had over invested in their lead-to-cash platform with a multitude of applications their teams either underutilized or did not use.

Near Term Revenue

A $21M global private equity owned business services company was struggling to drive near-term revenue. They had decreasing month-over-month revenue and needed to immediately increase sales performance or risk reducing their labor force.

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Quick Start Strategies’ Revenue Analyzer allows us to proactively identify and focus on Roche Diagnostics Topportunities (top opportunities) in our sales pipeline.

We leverage QSS’s Revenue Analyzer AppExchange solution to work with our sales teams to determine the health of each identified opportunity, as well as those specific next best actions to optimize sales success.

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Adrian Bradley

Head of Customer Success
Quick Start Strategies

We have worked with Quick Start Strategies (QSS) in our growth portfolio companies to deliver sales performance, clean up sales pipelines, and optimize each company’s technology investment across their entire lead-to-cash lifecycle.  

We recommend QSS as they have delivered sustainable revenue growth and have had significant success improving performance for a number of our companies.

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Saul Richter

Managing Partner, Co-Founder
Quick Start Strategies

We partnered with Quick Start Strategies to migrate from an Infor CRM system to an entirely new Salesforce.com Sales and Service Cloud platform.

QSS’s methodology of first developing a rock-solid business requirements document helped us bring our vision of an integrated sales and support platform to reality – a month ahead of schedule.

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Matt O'Connor

Chief Client Officer
Quick Start Strategies

Our partnership with QSS over the past year has been a key driver of our success as a sales organization. The team at QSS rolls up their sleeves alongside the sales reps and managers, while being able to provide a valuable strategic and process focused lens on the business.

I would highly recommend partnering with QSS to develop a growth-oriented and growth mindset to drive a step change in revenue productivity.

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Dan Kessler

President and COO
Quick Start Strategies
Quick Start Strategies


For more than 10 years, our team has delivered improved pipeline health resulting in significant revenue impact for our clients.  Whether we are working towards driving sustainable revenue or improving a sales technology platform, through our extensive network of partners, QSS is ready to deliver to you a team with the real-world experience to drive revenue performance, predictability and insights.

Jim Hughes

Managing Partner


Frank Donny




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